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Bluebeard - Marriage without the Fairytale

devised performance, inspired by the fairytale of the same name as well as real events.

Idea, Concept and Direction - Vasilena Radeva

Design - Teodora Lazarova

Music - Erwin Tull / Vladimir Bochev

Actors: Elena Dimitrova, Ivelina Koleva, Mila

Lyutskanova, Bogdana Kotareva, Vladimir Bochev

When we asked her, “Why don’t you leave?”, the woman replied, “I am afraid of the silence.”

 We created theatre by confronting silence, pain, strength and anger.

 This is a performance dedicated to women who hold a key in their hands, and don’t stop bleeding and yelling that “something’s not right.”


The authors of the performance meet the audience for post show discussion.

Premiere: October 17, 2018 in TR "Sfumato"

This event was realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture, the kind hospitality of the Theatre Laboratory “Sfumato”, and with the expert assistance of “Animus Association” Foundation.

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