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Object Theatre Workshop

March 2015

In collaboration with Lisi Stoessel and Art Office Foundation

This workshop was used as the starting point of Panic Button's first performance, Dissonance for Two Artists. The workshop asked, how can objects can be used in theatre as more than simple props, or puppets? How can an object become an active agent in the dramaturgy of a theatre piece, without it becoming anthropomorphized? How can a simple object take on larger symbolic importance, simultaneously subconsciously influencing the audience and the action of the performers? 


Lisi was living in Berlin, Germany, at the time of the workshops and had been studying clowning, puppetry and Bhuto. This workshop was developed in collaboration with her, and led to the strong visual nature of Dissonance for Two Artists.

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Tandem Europe

Panic Button participated in Tandem Europe, which is, “tailor-made for people who work on creative solutions that make social innovation possible throughout the EU. The programme stimulates strategic thinking in organisational renewal processes, helps to create and sustain culturally innovative effects across sectors, disciplines and borders, and explores creative and collaborative solutions for contemporary challenges in our societies.”


Panic Button entered a year long partnership with, Echis, a small group of independent journalists based in Rome, Italy. We shared best practices and general know-how of our respective fields in order to see what opportunities for development we could add to our own individual organizations.


Tandem also offered three general meetings where all the individual Tandem Partnerships came together for larger meetings where we discussed and workshopped various topics related to professional development and social innovation. It was at one of these meetings that the idea for Karaoke Night was born.

November 2017 - November 2018

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Ensemble Training Workshop

In collaboration with Double Edge Theater and Trust for Mutual Understanding, USA

Panic Button Theatre tends to approach work starting with text and language. Physicality and image are often later integrated in the performance to create a second layer intended to evoke associations in the audience that can’t be accomplished through intellectual stimulation.


Double Edge creates visually, emotionally and intellectually stimulating work, deeply rooted in physicality and image. That’s why they were invited to lead a workshop with Panic Button Theatre and the cast of A Body Thrown at an Angle Toward the Horizon, in order to offer a fresh approach on using their ensemble training as a way to develop physically based devised work.

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