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Karaoke Night


"Karaoke Night" - a performance in a non-stage environment,

with interactive elements of musical performances and games with the audience.

idea and direction: Nathan Cooper

KJ: Emilian Gatsov - Elby

karaoke stars: Elena Dimitrova, Bogdana Kotareva, Vyara Kolarova, Giorgi Georgiev, Nathan Cooper

set design: Elena Shopova

audience coordinator:  Vasilena Radeva

production assistant: Vasilena Radeva, Victoria Kostova

This project, which focuses on moving past superficial stereotypes of ‘others’, allows audiences to freely express themselves and encourages them to question the way in which they communicate and interact with others.  The performance seeks to provoke the audience to play a role that is different from their everyday selves, thereby expanding their horizons and possibilities of their identity.


Preview Performance - December 12th, 2020 at the National Student Center

Tickets can be purchased online from the EpayGO :  or EasyPay cash registers. 

BGN 18 - ticket with a drink
BGN 15 - regular ticket
BGN 12 - discounted ticket for pensioners, students and pupils


We open at 6:30 p.m.

 Given the deteriorating environment and the desire of our team to protect both the people we work with on a daily basis and the audience, we believe that the measures described below will contribute to a calmer work and social environment.
Derida Stage events will be accessed with a valid EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE. The QR code on the certificate will be scanned at the entrance before checking / purchasing tickets.


For additional information:

This project was realized with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

1  vasko installation final
5  seth installation final
4  toocha installation final
6  andrea installation final
3  theo installation final
2  samanta installation final
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