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Panic Button


Panic Button Theatre is an Independent Theatre Company, founded in 2014, in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is the result of the meeting and common vision of art and life of Bulgarian Stage Director Vasilena Radeva and American actor Nathan Cooper.

Panic Button’s mission is to promote empathy and tolerance, in individuals as well as society as a whole, through the creation and sharing of high quality and socially engaging art; to follow and popularize within Bulgaria international artistic practices relating to humanitarian, social, educational and ecological activities.

Panic Button also strives to promote intercultural dialogue on the international and local level, through creative collaborations between organizations and experts from various fields of art, science, culture and geographical places in the world.


We want to take a deep dive into the human soul and into society, and to use theatre to reach an understanding of ‘the other’ that goes beyond stereotypes and specific issues within society.


-  Creation and sharing of theatre performances.

-  Long term projects with marginalized social groups, using art as a common language.

-  Partnerships with European and American organizations in the artistic and cultural fields.

- Promotion of dialogue between activists and artists, and the realisation of projects in this               direction.

-  Organization of seminars, workshops and classes for professional and non-professional artists.

-  Consultations of projects and initiatives, related to the performing arts.

-  Participation in national and international initiatives, related to cultural politics.

Our team


Nathan Cooper

actor and company manager


Vasilena Radeva

director and artistic manager


Bogdana Kotareva

actor and communication manager

Елена Димитрова

Elena Dimitrova

actor and artistic consultant

Виктория Костова

Victoria Kostova

assistant manager and project coordinator

elbi IMG_2884-2.jpg

Emilian Gatsov


Елена Шопова

Elena Shopova

stage and graphic designer 

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