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A Body Thrown

at an Angle

Toward the Horizon

A devised performance based on the book, "The Year of the Eight Chemistry", by Petya Nakova .

Concept and Direction: Vasilena Radeva

Actors: Elena Dimitrova, Juliana Saiska, Bogdana Kotareva, Nevena Kaludova

Music: Emilian Gatsov

Stage Design: Anna Yanakieva

Venue: National Palace of Culture, Azaryan Theater

 A troubling diagnosis gives four women a chance to become better versions of themselves, to re-set their priorities, to find meaning in their lives and to surrender themselves to love, dreams and happiness. Here, now, immediately, without complicated and hollow plans for tomorrow. No one knows what awaits them. A Body Thrown at an Angle Toward the Horizon is a performance that gives space for understanding the processes that work inside us. The processes that destroy. The processes that build. Processes that are personal but can be shared collectively.

Premiere: February 8, 2020

The project is implemented in partnership with Conceptstudio and the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria and the National Culture Fund.

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