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Dissonance for two Artists

A devised performance, inspired by the actor’s dreams and the work of Carl Jung.

Concept: Nathan Cooper

Director: Vasilena Radeva

Music: Emilian Gatsov

Design: Radostina Todorova

Actors: Bogdana Kotareva and Nathan Cooper

Choreography Consultant: Petya Mukova

Premiere: April 28, 2016 In DNA, NDK

Dissonance for two Artists is about a person trying to express himself, in a foreign language, in front of strangers, while an ever transforming woman continues to influence his actions. The characters in this devised work, written by the actors, try to tackle to two existential questions: “Who am I?”, and “What moves the world?”.

The action is driven by feelings of guilt, loss, and panic.

The performance is sewn together from fragments of dreams, childhood memories, and artistic obsessions.

This project was made possible with financial support from The Municipality of Sofia’s Program “Culture”.

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